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Malware and Security Threats are everywhere

With the recent issues for GoDaddy’s Managed WordPress hosting servers, it highlighted the risks on not having proper website security in place.  In this article, you will learn how you can proactively defend your site and how to recover from a site outage.

GoDaddy’s Advanced Security Packages with Firewall

One of the critical packages that is available is the security package. Choosing the right package may seem daunting, but here is a summary to help you decide.   You can purchase or add these to your account from my online store.

Standard Security $5.99/mo.    This is better than nothing. It is more reactive than proactive.   It will identify when hackers are attempting to access your site and will alert you to a Malware infection.  However, it only provides 1 clean up per year.   You will need to upgrade to the Advanced if you need it more than once a year.


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